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Fired 'Opie and Anthony' Host Gives Fans Explanation They've Been Waiting for Regarding His Relationship With Former Co-Host of 20 Years


• "Let me straighten that out though..."• Update: Opie responds...

Anthony Cumia

During Tuesday’s episode of “The Anthony Cumia Show,” fired “Opie and Anthony” host Anthony Cumia finally elaborated on the current state of his relationship with his former radio co-host of 20 years, Gregg “Opie” Hughes. Loyal fans have speculated that the famous duo have experienced a falling-out following Cumia’s recent firing.

While he argued there is no “bad blood” between them, Cumia told a caller that their relationship has definitely changed over the years.

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“I haven’t really heard from him,” Cumia said. “Let me straighten that out though. He’s got a lot on his plate right now. He’s not thinking about coming on this show or anything like that because he’s left with the tattered remnants of a radio show that he needs to build up into something.”

Anthony Cumia Anthony Cumia

During their 20 year relationship, Cumia said the “dynamic” of their relationship inevitably changed.

“I think we had a lot more in common when we first got together in the business than we did at the end of it, that’s for sure,” he added. “And through nobody’s fault, it’s just the way it works. Everyone always looks for someone to blame. … The truth is, a relationship’s dynamic changes over the years.”

Cumia went on to explain that he and Opie took drastically different paths in life. While Opie got married and had kids, Cumia got divorced and opted for a bachelor’s lifestyle.

“It just changes, the whole dynamic of our lives change,” he said. “He’s in the city, I’m on Long Island and that’s kind of what happened. So I think this time apart, we are kind of just being ourselves, being independent of each other after being a unit for all those years.”

Watch the segment via "The Anthony Cumia Show" below (Warning: Strong language):

Opie and comedian Jim Norton recently re-signed to stay onboard with SiriusXM and continue the radio show without Cumia. The decision predictably resulted in a wide array of reactions from fans.

But Cumia said on his show recently that he doesn't blame Opie or Norton for re-signing and continuing with their careers.


UPDATE: In his response to TheBlaze's story on Cumia's comments, Gregg "Opie" Hughes provided TheBlaze the text of a message he sent to his former radio partner after watching the video above:

"Was sent the video of u talking about our relationship...found it fair but just so you know I never resented you having a girlfriend. I was happy for u cause I knew how miserable u were being married. Also...lots [are] getting the impression I haven't talked to you at all since this all went down and you know this isn't true. Really would like to know why they think this. Anytime you want to have a beer [or] grab a bite just let me know... hope all is well."

Opie also provided us with Cumia's response back to him:

"Yes! I'd love to. In the city tonight for Book of Mormon finally! I was actually saying we both haven't talked to each other in a while. Didn't want it to come off like we haven't spoken at all. As you know, it's hard to pick every word knowing how the fans and haters will pick them apart. I'd love to get together and catch up though."


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