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What Does Beck Say Is 'More Dangerous to the Republic of Texas' Right Now Than Ebola?


"More concerning than anything that is happening in our country today."

Glenn Beck speaks on his radio program October 20, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

Glenn Beck on Monday said he is more concerned about the city of Houston subpoenaing the church sermons from five local faith leaders than he is about Ebola in Texas -- and he is extremely concerned about Ebola in Texas.

"More concerning than anything that is happening in our country today ... is the outward attack and hostility and hatred of people of faith," Beck said on his radio program. "People of faith are under attack. Our churches and our institutions, our pastors, our preachers, our priests, our rabbis are under attack."

Beck said radical Islamists seemingly receive more protection than any other religious figure.

"God forbid you say, 'This mosque has radical Islamic imams preaching hatred,'" Beck said. "You have a bag of bricks fall on your head, and they immediately shut down everyone from even saying, 'Wait a minute -- the bombers came from that mosque. What are they being taught inside that mosque?' God forbid. The president immediately sends a team of delegates to apologize to that mosque, as it happened in Oklahoma."

Glenn Beck speaks on his radio program October 20, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV) Glenn Beck speaks on his radio program, Oct. 20, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

But Beck said Houston is succumbing to "madness" by investigating religious figures who tried to overturn a new ordinance allowing people who are questioning their sexuality to use male and female bathrooms.

"He could be a predator, and you can't say anything to him as long as he expresses that he now feels like a woman!" Beck said.

Beck spoke on the radio with Steve Riggle, the pastor of Grace Community Church in Houston and one of the pastors being subpoenaed. Some of the details Riggle shared -- like that the city not only wants his sermons, but anything said about Mayor Annise Parker in 17 different forms of communication -- horrified Beck even more.

"This is more dangerous to the republic of Texas than Ebola is. This is more dangerous than anything I've ever seen," Beck said. "This is not about equal rights. ... This is about shutting people down."

Beck read out Parker's public mailing address, asking all pastors, preachers, rabbis and other religious figures to send the mayor their sermons.

"If you're not a preacher, pastor or rabbi, I would like to ask you to do your own homework," Beck added. "Go look some things up from George Whitfield, the first evangelical in America. Go find some of his speeches and some of his sermons on religious liberty. Go find the best sermons you can find on religious liberty and send them to city hall in Houston."

"America, there are not a lot of chances left," Beck said. "We've got to wake up. Our churches must wake up. If you are a pastor, a priest, a rabbi, if you have any flock that you are supposed to be shepherding, you better get your staff out and start leading your flock. Or you are going to lose your staff, your flock, and your position. This is the most dangerous thing I've seen. And we are becoming openly hostile to God. It doesn't end well when a nation like ours does that."

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