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Beck Says This Is How Democrats Are Setting the Stage for 'Another Historic Moment' in America


"Don’t you see? We have read this script before. We played this role before."

Glenn Beck speaks on his radio program October 22, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

Have you noticed increased attention on women's issues, like equal pay for equal work, in recent months?

Glenn Beck on Wednesday said he thinks he knows why women's issues are making more headlines, and it has to do with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's presumed presidential ambitions.

"Here's what it is: It's time for another 'historic' moment in America," Beck said on his radio program. "It is time that America shows that they are not a sexist nation. It is time to make history. It is time to have the first woman president, and if you are not voting for her, you just hate women."

Beck discussed a new ad where little girls dressed as princesses use foul language to describe what some see as rampant sexism in America.

"Ten years ago we were a country [that was], generally, getting along," Beck said. "Were there problems with race and everything else? Yeah, there were problems. ... There will always be those problems. Man is a flawed beast. However, we were really making some real progress. But that doesn't get anybody anywhere."

Glenn Beck speaks on his radio program October 22, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV) Glenn Beck speaks on his radio program, Oct. 22, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

Beck said the Democrats had to create a "historic" moment where "America could finally say it's not racist" by electing President Barack Obama. Now they need to create a new "historic" moment by making it seem like America is a sexist country, and electing former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is the way to defeat the sexism.

"So why is it we are hearing now all about women's rights? Why is it this is really happening?" Beck said. "This is not about income equality. We are not teaching our children [to be sexist], just like we weren't teaching our children to hate black people or black children being taught to hate white people. ... Here's what it is: It's time for another historic moment in America."

Beck said the left can't convince America to support Clinton based on her track record.

"It started with HillaryCare. It was a dismal failure," Beck said. "And you want to talk about a woman who won't stand up for herself, a woman who is repeatedly insulted and treated like trash while her husband is out philandering and hooking up with any hot woman, anything that moves in a skirt? You want to talk about something humiliating to women, it's the way she allows herself to be treated."

And even if Democrats say Clinton's personal life should be left out of the discussion, Beck said her political career is no more impressive.

"You have to make it about something else," Beck said. "How great our relationship is with Russia, that she 'reset'? The great progress we made in the Middle East? How about Benghazi? You can't make it about anything. You have to make it about a war on women and history. They are going to try to do it again."

Beck said Americans cannot allow the left to put them in a defensive posture where, even though they are not sexist or racist, they are constantly defending themselves from those accusations.

"So guys, let's learn our lesson," Beck said. "Last time we allowed them to get our goat and go, 'No, that's not what we mean!' Stop, stop. Don't you see? We have read this script before. We played this role before. Don't play this role, because it is going to get you into exactly the same position you were in last time."

Beck said "this is all they have," and conservatives and libertarians should just "walk away and go, 'that's funny.'"

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