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Fishermen Notice Something 'Creepy' in Photos They Took of a Double Rainbow


"All of a sudden you could see there were two eyes in each one of the images."


Two longtime friends claim that they saw something unexplainable — and potentially spooky — in digital photos they took during a recent fishing trip in Wisconsin.

Mike Jacobs and Bill Wobbekind said that they were planning to head out to fish on the second day of their excursion when a storm hit. And after it cleared, a double rainbow emerged.

"The storm was starting to clear finally and we got up and we saw that the rain was clearing and at the same time it was very unusual — a double rainbow in the west," Jacobs told WITI-TV.

He was so captivated by the sight that he decided to take out his camera and snap some photos.

But it wasn't until he got home to Chicago that Jacobs said he noticed something curious in the images: there were white formations that appeared to surround the rainbows in the air. At first, he thought they were the result of smudges on his lens, but when he looked closer, he said he saw something else entirely.


"All of a sudden you could see there were two eyes in each one of the images," Jacobs told the outlet.

He decided to show Wobbekind, who said that he was skeptical at first. But after examining the photos, he agreed that the shapes in the images appeared to have eyes.

"It was pretty damn remarkable and actually almost a little creepy," Wobbekind said.

Vince Condella, a meteorologist for WITI-TV and a photographer, examined the photos and offered the theory that the spots were a result of a normal photographic anomaly involving the lens.

But when he realized that the spots moved around to different places in other photos, he concluded that their origins are a mystery.

While some claim that something spiritual is going on, others will surely dismiss that sentiment. As for Jacobs and Wobbekind, they say they believe that the spots are evidence of something spiritual.

Watch the video report below and decide for yourself:



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