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Gun Store's AR-15 Ad Featured Popular Christmas Character — Until Hollywood Caught Wind of It


"Son a Nutcracker That's a Good Deal!!!"

Image source: TMZ

When it came time for a Florida gun store to advertise its "Winter Wonderland" class on building your very own AR-15s for $895, the outfit had an idea: Plop an image of Will Ferrell's iconic character from his hit movie "Elf" right in the middle of the ad — and of course parlay one of Ferrell's hilarious Elf-isms. That phrase? "Son a Nutcracker That's a Good Deal!!!"

Image source: TMZ Image source: TMZ

But Ferrell and Hollywood suits weren't laughing.

Ferrell's views on guns are no secret; he appeared along with other celebrities in a 2012 video called "Demand a Plan" urging gun control. And as you might expect, Family Firearms received a cease-and-desist order over the ad from lawyers representing the movie's production company, TMZ reported.

With that the Valrico store removed Ferrell's "Elf" image from the ad and instead employed a new character: just your plain ol' everyday elf.

But Family Firearms didn't delete Ferrell's "Son of a Nutcracker" exclamation:

Image source: Family Firearms website Image source: Family Firearms website

TheBlaze on Thursday reached out to Family Firearms regarding the ad but a representative had no comment other than they complied with the order.

Either way, do you think we'd leave you without this brief blast from the past?

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