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Texas Lt. Governor-elect Dan Patrick wins Hispanics. Hear his message & why he says it's a template for GOP victory nationwide.


America sent an unmistakable message to Team Obama and Democrats last Tuesday. The message was, "STOP damaging our country."  Yes, the Senate switched to GOP control.  Yes, liberal states elected Republican governors.  And yes, the country took a sharp turn to the right in an effort to beat back the extremist liberal onslaught we've been subjected to these last six years.  There was, however, an electoral earthquake that was obscured by the anti-Democrat wave.  The movement occurred in the Hispanic community.

The New York Times reported that Latinos voted for Democrats by a two-to-one margin, nationally.  But the story was very different in the state that is home to the most Hispanics in our nation.  In Texas, the GOP not only came close to splitting the Latino vote in general, but won outright in certain categories.  It was Republican Greg Abbott vs the Democrat, "abortion Barbie," Wendy Davis for governor.  It was conservative Dan Patrick taking on Latina liberal Leticia Van de Putte for the job of lieutenant governor.  The numbers were similar in both races.  But focusing on the lieutenant governor's race, exit polls showed Van de Putte edged out Patrick among ALL Texas Hispanic voters by only 52-46.  Keep in mind if the GOP can replicate these numbers nationwide, the Democrats will never win another election.  But amazingly Patrick also beat Van de Putte among Hispanic men, 53-46.  Perhaps national Republicans should take note of Dan Patrick's honest and straight forward message to the Latino community.

What was his winning message? Cue it up to 1:33:50 and hear for yourself.


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