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For the Record' update: White House not discussing possible extension of Iran nuclear talks


The P5-plus-1 nuclear deal with Iran is set to expire in less than two weeks, but the White House says it's not in discussions with Iran to keep the deal alive.

“We have not focused on discussions with Iran on extending those discussions because we want to keep the focus on closing gaps,” White House deputy national security adviser Ben Rhodes told reporters Tuesday.

President Barack Obama told CBS News in an interview aired Sunday: "The question now is, are we going to be able to close this final gap so that they can re-enter the international community, sanctions can be slowly reduced and we have verifiable, lock-tight assurances that they can't develop a nuclear weapon. There's still a big gap. We may not be able to get there."

Secretary of State John Kerry on Monday conducted another day of talks about Iran's nuclear program with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and European Union envoy Catherine Ashton in Oman.

For the Record investigated the significance of those talks in last month's episode, "Iranian Revelation."

Obama recently reached out to Iran's leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei about the U.S. and Iran's shared interest in the fight against the Islamic State and about trying to secure a new nuclear deal. Then over the weekend, Khamenei took to Twitter to call for the annihilation of Israel.

Israeli Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu said Monday that it was further proof that the U.S. should not compromise with Iran just to get a deal done.

“There is no moderation in Iran," Netanyahu said. "It is unrepentant, unreformed.”

Learn more about Iran's nuclear program and the ongoing negotiations by watching "Iranian Revelation" on demand.

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