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Defense Secretary Hagel sustains wound in cabinet meeting, but not with Obama


Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel admitted Friday that he received an open wound on his left cheek when one of his kitchen cabinets struck him in the face.

"I had an incident with a cabinet door in the kitchen, he told reporters. "I know that's not an exciting story."

"That's what happened," he added. "I engaged the corner of a cabinet in my kitchen, and it didn't turn out well for me."

Hagel wore a large bandage on his face Thursday and Friday to cover up the wound, which finally prompted reporters to ask Friday what happened.

One reporter sought to clarify whether the wound might have happened at a Cabinet meeting with President Barack Obama.

"You all are too clever," he replied. "I wish I would have thought of that line."

Hagel said he's expected to recover fully, and that no stitches are needed. But he continued to lament that there is not a greater story behind the wound.

Hagel said Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Adm. Martin Dempsey was also disappointed in the story that went with the injury.

"His was response was, that's not very interesting," Hagel said.

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