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Heckler Disrupts Iconic Christian Church's First-Ever Muslim Prayer Service to Deliver Her Message


"religious unity"

Alex Wong/Getty Images

The first Muslim prayer service ever held at Washington National Cathedral was briefly interrupted by a heckler who was apparently displeased that Muslims were worshiping in the iconic Christian church.

“America was founded on Christian principles. . .  Leave our church alone!” the woman reportedly shouted.

The heckler was quickly escorted out of the church by security.

Alex Wong/Getty Images Alex Wong/Getty Images

The event, which was closed to the public, was part of an initiative in which leaders of both Islam and Christianity have joined together to push for “religious unity,” the Washington Post reports.

Arif Ali, an attorney in Washington, D.C., brought his 12-year-old son and told the Post that he was moved by the service.

“[It] really makes one think about the common heritage and values in Christianity and Islam,” he said.

Alex Wong/Getty Images Alex Wong/Getty Images

Another attendee said he hopes the message in the service will “reverberate throughout the world” and serve as a lesson for Muslims everywhere that “we and Christians are all one.”

While many people supported the event, Rev. Franklin Graham, the leader of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, wrote on Facebook that it was “sad to see a church open its doors to worship of anything other than the One True God of the Bible.”

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