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Beck Breaks Down Why You Should 'Choose Hope' Today: 'That Which You Gaze Upon You Become


"What is it we're gazing upon? We spend every day looking at the problems."

Glenn Beck speaks on his radio program November 19, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

Glenn Beck opened his radio program Wednesday with the words of President Abraham Lincoln, reminding Americans of the war that raged in America to defeat slavery and how Lincoln began a day of fasting and thanksgiving in the hope of turning the war in his favor.

Wednesday marked Glenn Beck's Day of Hope, a day where he encouraged all Americans to spend just one day gazing upon those things that made them feel hopeful, saying "that which you gaze upon you become."

"I don't get hope from the cheap stuff," Beck said, warning there would be no cat videos on his program today. But Beck said he does get hope from men like Lincoln.

Glenn Beck speaks on his radio program November 19, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV) Glenn Beck speaks on his radio program, Nov. 19, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

"For the first time in human history, a nation that claimed to be a Christian nation and actually was a Christian nation had split itself on the Bible," Beck said. "Listen to this: 'It is immoral for you to take the bread earned by the sweat of another man's brow.'"

"How many of us are doing that now?" Beck asked. "How many of us have sold our children into slavery because we want the bread that is being earned by another man's brow. And that doesn't mean somebody who's out in the field being whipped. That means our children or our grandchildren or our great-grandchildren."

"Today I ask you to do one thing: Today I ask you to really take into consideration one thing that I believe is one of the more true things that I've ever, ever seen. And that is, 'That which you gaze upon you become,'" Beck continued. "What is it we're gazing upon? We spend every day looking at the problems. We spend every day looking at Washington. What are we doing? We're becoming just like the problem. We're becoming angry. We're becoming vengeful. Some are becoming win at all cost, any cost, doesn't matter, ends justify the means."

But Beck said he prefers to gaze upon hope.

"That's what Abraham Lincoln did after he gave the Gettysburg address," Beck concluded. "He said, 'We need to humble ourselves. We need to choose God. We need to know where hope comes from.' After he did the proclamation of Thanksgiving, after he dedicated everything to God, made a new covenant with God -- just as a man named Abraham had done before -- we won every battle after."

Beck encouraged Americans to take to social media using the hashtag "#IChooseHope" and say what they are doing today that makes them hopeful.

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