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He Was Outnumbered as Group of ‘at Least 10’ Men Allegedly Harassed His Wife Outside Bar — There’s No Way They Expected It to Go Like This


"...went down like a bowling pin."


New CCTV video out of Russia reportedly shows a group of men paying the price for allegedly harassing a man’s wife outside a bar. The woman’s husband turned out to be professional boxer Nicolai Vlasenko.

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The Daily Mail reports the group of men are “said to be part of a local gang which has been blamed for a rise in petty crime in the small Russian town.” They allegedly began harassing Vlasenko’s wife while trying to get her to join their table in the bar.

A verbal altercation ensued as Vlasenko demanded the men leave his wife alone and the gang’s apparent leader took the situation to the streets. The boxer was reportedly outnumbered by “at least ten” men.

One of the alleged gang members reportedly took his shirt off and “started squaring up to the boxer,” according to witness Eldar Vinogradoff.

Seconds later, the thug “went down like a bowling pin,” Vinogradoff added. That’s when a second man tried to kick the professional boxer — a mistake that resulted in him getting knocked out as well. A third man tried to go after Vlasenko and suffered the same fate.

After seeing what he was capable of, the rest of the gang is seen in the CCTV footage backing away.

More from the Daily Mail:

The gang later then hired a lawyer to file a complaint to the local police that they had been attacked.

However police have said they are taking no action after the CCTV images showed that the man was clearly acting in self-defence and that he had been on his own against nearly a dozen people who were on the other side.

The lawyer for Vlasenko said: 'My client wasn't prepared to allow them to harass his wife.

Watch the full video below:

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