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There's Blood on the Street and You're Worried About Words': Ferguson Protestor Rips Into CNN Host


"It's the sound of me spitting, it's not what I was actually doing."

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Last week, Ferguson activist Bassem Masri defended his aggressive rhetoric on CNN, and on Saturday morning, he came back for more.

It wasn't pretty.

The interview began with a bang as host Michael Smerconish asked, "Mr. Masri, did you spit on a police officer?"

"No, no I didn't," Masri said. "That's just an expression that we use, Arabs, basically it's the sound of me spitting, it's not what I was actually doing."

Masri identifies as Palestinian-American.

In multiple videos, Masri has called police officers "pigs," "cowards" and "b*****s" and made such disturbing threats as, “I’m praying for your death!”

But when Smerconish asked Masri if he thought such rhetoric, uttered before all the evidence in the Michael Brown shooting case has come to light, is helping or hurting the situation in Ferguson, Missouri, Masri appeared unmoved.

“There’s blood on the street and you’re worried about words," he retorted. "Come on, man! That’s what journalists are missing right now. Why don’t you go investigate something real?… Why don’t you worry about us getting killed?”

Watch the tense combative exchange below:

(H/T: Mediaite)

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