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Ferguson Protesters' Angry Message to Obama, Democrats: ‘This Is Obama’s Katrina, and He Ain’t Doing S**t!’


"Most of them, f*** ‘em."

(Rebel Pundit)

Protesters were in the streets of Ferguson on Sunday night ahead of the grand jury decision, which was expected to be announced sometime Monday afternoon. The protesters expressed anger towards President Barack Obama and Democrats for not doing enough in the fatal officer-involved shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown.

It wasn’t entirely clear what action the protesters believe Obama and other lawmakers should take.

(Rebel Pundit) (Rebel Pundit)

“This is Obama’s Katrina and he ain’t doing s**t!” one protester told Rebel Pundit's Lawrence Jones, a regular panelist on TheBlaze TV's Dana program. The protester also said she doesn’t expect the grand jury to indict officer Darren Wilson over the shooting.

When the protesters were asked about their feelings towards “elected officials,” one of them replied, “Most of them, f*** ‘em.”

“Yeah, f*** ‘em,” another agreed.

“Even the Democrats?” Jones asked.

“They say their Democrats, but they’re Republicans,” the protester added. “This is Obama’s Katrina and he ain’t doing s**t.”

Watch the video below via Rebel Pundit:

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