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‘I F***ing Hate You!’: Husband's Now-Viral Prank Sends Horrified Wife Shrieking and Running


"You don't pretend to throw our kids off the f***ing balcony!"

When YouTube prankster Roman Atwood set up hidden cameras and tricked his own wife into thinking that he accidentally threw their son off a balcony, she responded with sheer horror — a reaction that has gone megaviral over the past few days.

Atwood is seen in a clip posted November 30 playing with his two sons in the family home when his wife arrives home; one of the children is dressed in a Spider Man costume and has his face covered, making the prank easy to orchestrate.

After she greets the kids, the doting wife goes downstairs to get some water for Atwood. And that's when he covertly tells his elder son to hide the toddler and swaps him out for a dummy that is donning the same Spider Man mask and outfit.

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From there, Atwood continues playing, pretending that the doll he's lifting into the air is his son.

As his wife walks up the stairs, he "accidentally" catapults his faux child into the air, over a bannister and down to the first floor landing — all while his wife watches from the staircase in horror.

She immediately begins shrieking and running back down the stairs to check on the child. When she removes the Spider Man mask and realizes that it's merely a doll and not her son, she proclaims, "I f***ing hate you," while Atwood bursts into laughter.

"Why would you do that? … You don't pretend to throw our kids off the f***ing balcony," she continued, proceeding to kick her husband. "You're sleeping on the couch."

It's possible, of course, that the prank was staged. See it play out below:

What do you think? Let us know below.

(H/T: Daily Mail)

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