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Easy: Shoot Underwater Photos With Your Smartphone and Six Other Cool Photography Tricks

Image: YouTube

It is not a secret: Cellphones with cameras outsell stand-alone cameras. In fact, a new report claims there are more cellphones (5.4 billion) on the planet than people (4.5 billion) with active cell phone accounts.

 Credit: AFP/Getty Images Credit: AFP/Getty Images

More than 80 percent of cellphones in use have a camera. The average user takes eight pictures each day using the camera on their phone. That means more than 270 billion digital images are snapped using cellphones each and every day.

The Cooperative of Photography (COOPH) realizes that many of those 260 billion images could use a little help. The group posted a video offering seven handy (and very simple) tips for smartphone photographers.

The short clip (which has more than 5 million hits on YouTube) starts off with a simple tip on how to take a panoramic photo featuring multiple images of yourself.

Image: YouTUbe Image: YouTube

The video lesson also teaches how to use binoculars as a zoom lens, a glass to take underwater photos and a drop of water to create a macro lens for extreme close up shots.

Image: YouTube Image: YouTube

Watch COOP's video featuring photographer Lorenz Holder and learn some pretty cool tricks you can do with your phone's camera.



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