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The 2,000-Year-Old Virgin': 'Family Guy' Christmas Episode Portrays Jesus as a Lying, Sex-Crazed Adulterer


"It amazes me people [still] get offended by jokes about Jesus..."

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"Family Guy," an edgy cartoon known for pushing boundaries, aired a Christmas-inspired episode Sunday night about Jesus that has some viewers angry and others praising the show for its purported "bravery."

NewsBusters, for one, said that the episode went "above and beyond the usual sacrilege."

Titled, "The 2,000-Year-Old Virgin," it surrounds character Peter Griffin, among others, trying to help Christ lose his virginity, according to Christian Today.

"After running into Jesus at the Quahog Mall, Peter is stunned to discover that the Son of God is still a virgin," reads the episode's synopsis. "So, he enlists Quagmire and Cleveland to help him throw Jesus the best birthday ever by finding a way to help him become a man."

Family Guy Family Guy

At one point during the episode, Jesus has a specific request for Peter regarding his wife Lois, telling him that he wants to lose his virginity to her — a request that the husband agrees to in exchange for a massage chair.

"Look Peter, I know it's a lot to ask, but if it wasn't okay I wouldn't suggest it," Jesus said while trying to convince Peter to agree.

Later, while speaking with her husband and considering Christ's request, Lois said, "The son of God's first time should be special."

In the end, though, both Peter and Lois change their mind and decide against the plan after it is revealed that Jesus tricks husbands every year into allowing him to sleep with their wives.

Clearly, the episode was intentionally filled with themes and comments that many Christians would find offensive — a fact that was openly admitted in one scene, as the shows creators poked fun at those they knew would be uncomfortable with the subject matter.

And if there's any question about the episode's intention to spark controversy during the holiday season, consider the single line that accompanies its description on the "Family Guy" website. It reads: "Happy Birthday, Jesus."

Reaction on Twitter has ranged from anger to support:

Read all of the reaction here.

We'll leave you with a clip below (caution: graphic):

(H/T: Christian Today)

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