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What a Boy Found Inside a Thrift Store Teddy Bear Has His Family Searching for Its Original Owner


"'s just important that we find the owner."

Joshua Scott was shopping at the Second Chance Thrift Shop when he stumbled upon a teddy bear on sale for a few bucks.

The Dothan, Alabama, 15-year-old bought the bear and took it home. After he got back, he felt something hard inside.

Scott opened a zipper in the bear's back. When he did, he found a small urn.

Image source: WSFA-TV Image source: WSFA-TV

Now, the family is trying desperately to find the bear's original owner.

"A child could be missing a bear, it could be a parent, I mean it could be one of our soldiers. We don't know," Scott's mother, Samantha, told WSFA-TV. "And it could the one thing that child has to hug and love up to that's still a part of them. It could be a parent who's lost their child. Who knows what? So it's just important that we find the owner."

Samantha Scott said she has contacted an area funeral home in the hope of tracing the owner, but hasn't found a lead yet. The thrift store manager said they receive between three and 10 vehicles full of items per day and don't keep track of who donates which items. Montgomery Alabama news.

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