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Why Are so Many People Getting Married This Saturday? Check the Numbers


"last opportunity of the 21st century"

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Something is happening this weekend that won't happen again for 20 years — and it's got people rushing to the churches and wedding chapels all over the country. What's the big deal with this Saturday?

Saturday is December 13, 2014 or "12/13/14."

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The numerical sequence appears to have inspired many couples to select Saturday as their wedding day. For people who look for days that line up sequentially, like last year's 11/12/13, Saturday is the last such date until January 2 of 2034 or 1/2/34.

Just how many more couples will tie the knot this Saturday? Exact numbers are not easily available, but there are some decent indicators available.

David's Bridal told the Chicago Tribune their site has more than 13,000 couples registered for 12/13/14. That is more than double the number of weddings the company tracked for the same Saturday one year ago.

Checking with the "experts" in Las Vegas, we found similar surges in planned weddings.

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At the Sweethearts Wedding Chapel, Kathy, the manager, told us their chapels are booked solid for the day -- and not just for the facility's popular "Elvis" ceremony, but for all three of the "12/13/14" packages offered from $250 to $650.

At the upper end of the spectrum, the Bellagio is selling a $5,000 "12 13 14 Package." At press time, there was only one slot available, and that was at 9am on Saturday.

A representative from the Bellagio's Wedding Chapel told TheBlaze this sequential wedding date is popular because "it is the last opportunity of the 21st century to have a sequential wedding date."

Saturday morning, TheBlaze Radio's "Pure Opelka" discussed the 12/13/14 wedding fever. Listen to the discussion starting at the 21:00 mark of the show.


Not interested in getting married on 12/13/14? You could participate in the "tic-tac-toe" day competition. According to the web site honoring the sequential date, you could win a share of the $1,213.14 prize by creating "the most consequential sequential celebration." Get more details here.


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