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14-Year-Old Was Looking for Scrap Metal With His Metal Detector. What He Found Instead Had His Dad ‘Panicking.’


"It was pretty scary."

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When a 14-year-old took a metal detector to the wasteland near his home in Manchester, England, on Saturday his goal was to turn up some scrap metal. Little did he know that what he would find instead would leave his dad in fear, refusing even to give out the family's name.

Instead of scrap metal, the boy ended up finding four shotguns, a semi-automatic rifle and thousands of rounds of ammunition -- "15,000" to be exact, according to the father.

"My son phoned me up and said he'd found some bullets. I thought he meant old lead bullets that you can get some scrap money for," the dad told the Manchester Evening News.

When the dad arrived, he couldn't believe his eyes. Not only were there many more bullets than he thought, but he saw a slew of bags that were serving as a type of wrapping paper.

"At first I thought they were sledge hammers or baseball bats," he explained. "I took it all home, then I saw the guns. I started panicking and just called the police. It was pretty scary."

According to the Evening News, police are baffled and have no idea where the guns and ammo came from and have no idea how long they have been buried. They are currently testing them to see if they have played a part in any past crimes.

However, Detective Inspector Chris Flint said, “It is important to stress that from our initial inquiries we’ve established the guns have been there sometime and cannot be used or reactivated."

But the father believes there must have been some sort of nefarious intent: He's refused to allow the press to print names of him and the boy for fear of reprisal.

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