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BMW Unveils 'Incredible' New Vehicle Technology at Consumer Electronics Show: 'The Future Is Now


"...launches a new era of lighting technology and design."

BMW certainly stunned at this year's Consumer Electronics Show.

The vehicle manufacturer unveiled its new concept lights, providing a glimpse into future technology that "opens up new possibilities" for the "ultimate driving machine."

The lights include a number of features that help to illuminate the road for drivers.

For instance, one feature boosts the vehicle's LED high beams automatically after the car exceeds 45 mph. The beams, however, detect others on the road and "selectively excludes them from the high beam laser light distribution."

Image source: YouTube

"It provides excellent visibility in the dark without dazzling other drivers," BMW's promotional package said.

The vehicle's lights also come equipped with infrared technology which allows the vehicle to selectively illuminate pedestrians and animals who may be on the road.

Image source: YouTube

"This light ensures that both the driver and person approaching are very effectively warned for a potentially hazardous situation," BMW said.

BMW's light beams include other features, such as being able to estimate narrow impending narrow passages and determine with precision accuracy whether the vehicle can pass through.

Image source: YouTube

"BMW organic light launches a new era of lighting technology and design," the vehicle manufacture boasted at CES.

[sharequote align="center"]"BMW organic light launches a new era of lighting technology and design."[/sharequote]

Individuals viewing the presentation on YouTube appeared to agree.

"Wow! The future is now," one person wrote.

"This is sexy," echoed another.

"Incredible," commented one more.

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