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Google Is 'One Step Closer' to Making Your Smartphone a 'Universal' Language Translator


"Letting you instantly translate text using your camera..."

Image source: Google

Google launched an update to its Translate smartphone app on Wednesday with one new feature that could come in handy for travelers with limited foreign language skills.

"While using the Translate app, just point your camera at a sign or text and you'll see the translated text overlaid on your screen - even if you don't have an internet or data connection," Google said, the BBC reported.

Image source: Google

Prior to the update, the Google Translate app allowed users to snap a photo of text and get a translation for it in 36 languages – but not in real-time.

"Now, we're taking it to the next level and letting you instantly translate text using your camera," Google said.

However, the new feature supports not 36 languages, but six language, including:

  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Spanish

The technology giant claims the update takes consumers "one step closer" to turning their smartphones into universal translators, all but eliminating language barriers throughout the world.

Google Translate is used by more than 500 million people each month and translates more than one billion words and phrases per day. The update was released for iOS and Android devices, the Arizona Republic reported.

(H/T: Arizona Republic)

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