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MLK' Learns What's Going on in America Today -- and He's Not Happy About It


"Barack O-what now?"

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Would Martin Luther King Jr. be satisfied with the America we have today — and would he like the way we recognize him with a holiday and street names?

Maybe not.

The ghost of "Martin Luther King Jr.," played by Kenan Thompson, paid a visit to a boy trying to write a school paper on the upcoming holiday during this week's "Saturday Night Live."

But it was 'MLK,' not the kid, who wound up learning a lot during the sketch — and he didn't like most of what he learned.

When he hears that the first black president is named Barack Obama, 'MLK' blurts out, "Barack O-what now? He sounds like a Kenyan Muslim!"

"MLK" gets hit with a slew of downer news — the boulevards that bear his name aren't in the nicest neighborhoods, "Selma" got snubbed for Oscar consideration, and Macklemore, "like, the whitest dude ever," is the face of American hip-hop.

"We're still climbing that mountain," "MLK" says sadly.

The boy has at least one thing to cheer up the civil rights leader's ghost: "You got your own holiday and three white presidents have to share one!"

Watch the clip below:

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