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If You Find Yourself Stranded During 'Historic' Blizzard, Here Are Several Potentially Life-Saving Tricks to Keep Warm


Water = fire?

There are fears that a "historic" blizzard with the potential for hurricane-force winds and 1 to 3 feet of snow could paralyze the Northeast for days. Snow was already blowing sideways on Monday with ever-increasing intensity in New York City by midafternoon and flurries began in Boston as forecasters predicted the snowstorm would build into a blizzard.

While it’s advised to take all the appropriate precautions to remain safe during the snowstorm, it never hurts to be prepared for the worst. If you ever find yourself stranded in the blistering cold, there are several unconventional ways to start fires, keep warm and — more importantly — alive in extreme situations.

“Gum Wrapper Fire Starter”

Gum wrappers and batteries are two items that can many times be found discarded in a car or at the bottom of a purse. But combine the two items and you have an effective fire-starting tool.


Water = Fire?

On Grant Thompson’s “The King of Random” YouTube channel, it’s revealed how water can be used in several ways to start a fire. This can come in handy if you are left without power, lighters or matches:

Survive in Extreme Cold with a Fire Heat Reflector

A fire reflector can help keep you warm during extreme situations in the blistering cold.

This one requires some work and is only applicable in potentially life-threatening survival situations. Watch a video tutorial via YouTube below:

Of course, the best advice is to stay home during extreme cold weather if possible and have enough food, water and necessary survival gear on hand.

If you are preparing for the severe snowstorms in the Northeast, Con Edison provides some more conventional safety tips:

• If you see downed electrical wires, do not go near them. Treat all downed wires as if they are live. Never attempt to move them or touch them with any object. Be mindful that downed wires can be hidden by snow, tree limbs, leaves or water.

• Report all downed wires to Con Edison and your local police department immediately. If a power line falls on your car while you’re in it, stay inside the vehicle and wait for emergency personnel.

• If your power goes out, disconnect or turn off appliances that would otherwise turn on automatically when service is restored. If several appliances start up at once, the electric circuits may overload.

• Check to make sure your flashlights and any battery-operated radios or televisions are in working order. Make sure you have a supply of extra batteries. Weather updates and news on restorations of electrical service can be heard on most local radio and television stations.

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The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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