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He Bought an Engagement Ring for His Future Wife When He Was 13 Years Old — and Here's What Happened When He Found the Woman of His Dreams


"Our love and our footprint of who we are together builds us like makes us stronger."

With "Fifty Shades of Grey" hitting the the big screen this week and with Valentine's Day right around the corner, love and sex are getting a lot of attention these days. With that in mind, one outlet recently took a more wholesome approach to covering romance, diving into the reasons one couple decided that it was best to delay sex until their wedding day.

In a recent video and accompanying story published by fashion and beauty website Refinery29, the outlet covers Gunnar and Sarah Larson, a couple who made the decision to remain abstinent — one that isn't generally given a great deal of attention these days.

While neither was a virgin at the time of their engagement, the two were brought up in religious homes and decided to exercise their faith by waiting for one another.

Described as a "hopeless romantic," Larson told Refinery29 that he actually bought his wife's engagement ring when he was only 13 years old — nearly 10 years before he met Sarah, and that ring ended up fitting her perfectly.

"We had our first date, our first kiss and — we didn't have sex," Larson explained, recounting the couple's love story. "We both kind of came from a religious background. We were saving ourselves for marriage. The funny thing is neither of us technically saved ourself for marriage."

But Larson, a New York City-based interior designer, said that their relationship afforded them a renewed opportunity to do just that.

"We felt like we could kind of redeem ourselves and give this gift of out sexuality to each other," he said.

Larson went on to share details about their wedding night, describing their first time as a "spiritual moment" of coming together.

He also said that he wants his own daughter, whom he and his wife had five years into their marriage, to know "true love" and that he believes he and Sarah have something special.

"Our love and our footprint of who we are together builds us like makes us stronger," he said.

Watch Larson discuss his story below (language warning):

(H/T: Huffington Post)

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