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Dramatic Audio: The Moment Gunfire Erupted in the Danish Cafe


No one screams or says a word.

Image: YouTube

Dramatic audio obtained by the BBC is believed to have captured the moment deadly gunfire erupted at a Danish cafe.

The clip, posted on YouTube, purportedly comes from inside the Copenhagen cafe hosting an event called “Art, blasphemy and the freedom of expression.”

In the short recording, a woman is heard making her point about free speech.

"I realize that every time we talk about activity of those people there will always be...'Yes, it is freedom of speech, but.' And the turning point is 'but.'"

The unidentified woman continued, "Why do we still say 'but' when we..."

At this point, shots ring out. Several dozen shots can be heard. No one screams or says a word. The only sounds on the recording are more gun shots and what seems to be the noise made by people rushing to get out of the cafe.

Listen to a purported eyewitness recounting the scene below:


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