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Glenn Beck Says He Witnessed a 'Full-Fledged Miracle' Last Week


"There is no way to explain what has just happened."

Glenn Beck speaks on his radio program November 13, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

Glenn Beck has said that whenever miracles occur, he intends to stand and recognize them. And last Friday, he said a miracle occurred.

"On Friday I went to the doctor and I witnessed, and so did my doctor and my wife, a full-fledged miracle," Beck said on his radio program Monday. "In fact the doctor said to me, 'There is no way to explain what has just happened.' ... He said, 'I think we helped, but honestly I was lying to you. I was trying to tell you that, you know, things could get better.'"

Beck said that one year ago, he had five different autoimmune disorders. Last November he revealed the true extent of his health issues, and praised the Carrick Brain Centers for their work in his recovery. But he has remained on a number of medications, and was stunned when he got his blood tests back on Friday.

Glenn Beck speaks on his radio program November 13, 2014. (Photo: TheBlaze TV) Glenn Beck speaks on his radio program November 13, 2014. (File photo: TheBlaze TV)

Beck said his autoimmune disorders are all gone, and his adrenal glands are working "full force."

"My weight gain is because of all of the medicine that they had me on," he explained. "All of the sudden my body started working, and so all the medicines they had me on were attacking my body. I didn't need all of that medicine."

Beck's doctors told him they had never seen what happened to him happen before.

"I promised God that if he would just heal me to any extent of his will, I would pronounce the miracle. Last summer when I got my brain back online, I thought that was a miracle, and I pronounced the miracle," Beck continued. "Today I can rightfully say I have been healed. I want to thank the doctors at the Carrick Brain Center, but more importantly, the architect of our body, God."

"Believe. God is good. I've spent at least the last four years in hell. I would have given up if it weren't for my wife and my faith," Beck concluded. "Don't give up. Miracles happen. Life gets better. You're needed in the fight."

You can listen to Beck's complete radio program below. Relevant comments begin around 37:30.

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