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'F*** You, Little Jew': Men Put on Yarmulkes in Other European Cities and Secretly Record Peoples' Reactions — the Result Is Maddening


"I was just walking in the street..."

A journalist is expressing shock and dismay after putting on a yarmulke and taking to the streets in two British cities to explore just how much discrimination and anti-Jewish sentiment he'd encounter. A similar experiment undertaken by another man in Denmark reportedly yielded a cry of, ""F*** you, little jew."

Jonathan Kalmus said in an article published on the Daily Mail that he was surprised to experience a plethora of threats and abuses during the experiment, writing that "'Jew-hatred' really is alive and kicking on British streets."

He said that his inspiration for his social experiment came from others who have done recent undercover video recordings of late.

Kalmus, who said it only took one minute of walking down a Manchester street before insults were hurled his way, was met with chants like "Jew, Jew, Jew" and horrific proclamations like "fight the Jewish scum." He claims one person even spat at him.

"I was just walking in the street testing the effect of being clearly identifiable as a Jew by wearing a small traditional Jewish head covering called a kippah [or yarmulke]," Kalmus wrote, claiming that he made no political statements and did nothing to draw attention to himself.

He said he faced a similar situation in Bradford, where he claims he was "stalked" for more than five minutes by a man taking pictures of him . And it didn't end there.

"There was a shout of 'you Jew' at me as I crossed the road to Bradford City Park. Minutes later a man turned his head and yelled 'fight the Jewish scum' just behind my back," Kalmus recounted. "Some time later three youths shouted at me across a street repeatedly, 'You're a Jew, not a Muslim … Jew, Jew, Jew run!'"

According to the Daily Mail, similar experiments were undertaken in Copenhagen and Rome, where anti-Jewish sentiment was also recorded, though Jewish journalists in Berlin and Stockholm reportedly had no issues.

Omar Shargawi, a Palestinian and Danish filmmaker, heard someone say to him, "F*** you little jew" while he was editing the footage he collected in Copenhagen.

You can watch video of the experiments below:

(H/T: Daily Mail)

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