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Fox News Host Megyn Kelly Grills DNC Chair on Abortion Position: 'Can You Answer That Question?


"You would admit that you can't have women aborting third trimester just on a whim?"

Democratic National Committee chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz was pressed again Tuesday over her views on abortion.

Fox News host Megyn Kelly asked the congresswoman to elaborate on her views as a result of an ongoing feud between Schultz and Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.). The spat started after the GOP presidential candidate was asked if he supports allowing victims of rape and incest to receive abortions. Instead of answering, he told the media to ask Schultz if "she's OK with killing a 7-pound baby that's just not born yet."

Kelly did just that Tuesday evening, asking the congresswoman when she believes life begins.

"Can you answer that question?" the Fox News asked.

(Fast forward to 5:50 mark for the conversation)

"The question that he was asked, and that he's trying to deflect by pushing it out on me, is does he support exceptions—," Schultz started saying.

Kelly interjected, "No, I know. I gave you that point. I see that point. He hasn't been explicit on it. But I'm wondering about you, because I have you tonight."

"So, from my perspective, from my party's perspective, we do not support rolling back the protection that the Constitutional right to make your own reproductive choices established in Roe versus Wade has given to women," Schultz said.

Kelly, however, wasn't satisfied.

"The state has the right to set limits. They have the right to set limits. And so he's trying to get to the Democrats' position — at what point is it appropriate to say it's no longer between a woman and her doctor?" Kelly asked.

"What is appropriate, from our perspective, I'll speak for myself but I think I can speak for most of my party, and that is that a woman's right to make her own decisions about her body should be between her and her doctor," the Democratic National Committee chairwoman responded.

Kelly continued to press.

"It's not just between a woman and her doctor. That the state has a right to step in on behalf of the fetus and say at some point that fetus does obtain rights," the Fox News host said. "You would admit that you can't have women aborting third trimester just on a whim?"

"Certainly. Certainly not on a whim," Schultz responded.

"So that's what he is trying to get at," Kelly said.

"We've been very clear," Schultz shot back. "There is no ambivalence here. We are very clear. We believe that that decision is best left not to government, but between a woman and her doctor. So, I can't tell you a specific date and time past which we on all cases are certain that choice shouldn't be made. Because that decision is very unique and individual to the woman and should be in consultation with her conscience and her God and her doctor. That is a decision left to her."

Earlier Tuesday, Schultz was asked the same question on CNN. In that interview, she declined to say whether from her perspective it is OK to "kill a 7-pound baby in uterus." Instead, she reiterated that she believes the decision is best left between a woman and her doctor.

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