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She Heard Strange Noises Coming From Her Toddler's Bedroom and Went to Investigate. What She Heard Coming From the Baby Monitor Had Her in Tears.


The camera even began moving on its own.

When a mother recently heard strange noises coming from her toddler's bedroom while he napped, she went to investigate and was in for the shock of her life.

Sarah, who requested that her last name be concealed for safety reasons, told KIRO-TV that she entered the room at the family home in Lacey, Washington, to see what was going on and heard a voice coming from the baby monitor.

"Oh, watch this one, she's coming in again," a woman's voice proclaimed, before the camera began moving on its own.

It was only then that the mother realized that her baby monitor had been hacked — a revelation that suddenly made sense in light of what her 3-year-old little boy had been telling her.

"For months, my son was telling his family that the 'telephone' was telling him to stay in bed," she told KIRO-TV.

The child had previously told his parents that he was scared, which isn't unexpected at that age, but when Sarah and her husband, Jay, also recorded a male's voice saying, "Wake up little boy. Daddy's coming for you," they fully realized what was happening, and she began to cry.

"We don't know if they could hear, but we know they were watching for sure," Jay told the outlet.

The couple, who fear that their "privacy's been hacked," said that they had a password on the monitor, but that hackers got through anyway. They plan to reach out to police to further investigate the issue.

Sarah and Jay are hardly the first parents to have their baby monitors hacked, as TheBlaze has covered similar stories that have unfolded in homes in Texas, Ohio and other locations across the country.


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