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Only a Former Olympic Decathlete Would Pull His Daughter's Loose Tooth Out Like This


"Get ready to say goodbye to the tooth."

Image source: Twitter

Olympic gold medal-winning decathlete Bryan Clay might be retired from the games, but that doesn't mean he's totally stopped throwing his javelin. One might say he's just found a new purpose for it.

Instead of throwing it for sport, Clay used it to help his daughter pull a tooth this week.

"Get ready to say goodbye to the tooth," a woman filming the courageous feat said, zooming in closely to the girl's somewhat apprehensive face, mouth open with a string attached to the loose tooth.

Image source: Twitter

She gave a brave "bye" and off the javelin flew.

Image source: Twitter

Just watch:

Ellie opened her mouth to show a bloody hole where the tooth had once been. They were able to retrieve it and Tuesday night, Clay tweeted, it was tucked safely under her pillow.

Image source: Twitter

This isn't the only innovative tooth pulling video we've see. Check out others we compiled into this post.

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