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Piers Morgan Segment on 'Morning Joe' Makes Mika Brzezinski So Angry She Literally Rolls Off-Set


"Let's be honest here..."

Mika Brzezinski, left, rolls off the set of 'Morning Joe' after Piers Morgan says most fathers don't actually want paternity leave. (Image credit: MSNBC)

MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski rolled her chair further and further away from the table until she was off the set on a contentious episode of "Morning Joe" Thursday.

What caused her to leave mid-segment? A disagreement with former CNN host Piers Morgan about paternity leave.

“I've had four kids. Most dads don’t want to do paid paternity leave, let’s be honest here,” Morgan remarked. “They pretend they do, but after two weeks of a tiny, little baby -- I love my children to pieces. But when they’re this size and all they’re doing is eating, guzzling and depositing, it isn’t the most exciting gig in town."

Brzezinski was not amused, and started rolling her chair further and further away from the table until she was no longer visible.

Mediaite adds that she was covering her mouth part of the time, "presumably to avoid saying anything to Morgan she would regret," and she did not return until the next segment, after Morgan had left.

You can watch the segment, below (discussion begins at around 2 minutes, and Brzezinski begins her exit at around 3:15):

(H/T: Mediaite)

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