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Something that sets Jeb Bush apart from the rest of the GOP field that conservatives say could be a big general election problem

Hillary Clinton awarded Liberty Medal by National Constitution Center in Philadelphia Featuring: Hillary Clinton,Jeffrey Rosen,Jeb Bush
Where: Philadelphia, PA, United States
When: 11 Sep 2013
Credit: Hugh Dillon/WENN.com (Newscom TagID: wennphotosthree966008.jpg) [Photo via Newscom]

Every Republican presidential candidate has derided former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s record, and none have praised it — except for one. That makes Jeb Bush unelectable in a general election, one conservative group contends.

ForAmerica released a video showing the Republican field criticizing Clinton, contrasting that with the former Florida governor presenting her with a public service award and talking about her accomplishments.

“Mr. Bush is unelectable and there are several better options for conservatives and Republicans if they want to win in 2016. Period,” ForAmerica Chairman Brent Bozell said in a statement. “By heaping praise on Hillary Clinton, Mr. Bush has handed her the ammo to bury him...and she will. No other potential GOP nominee has that fatal disadvantage.”

ForAmerica is not affiliated with a campaign, but says it has 119,037 supporters in Iowa, 32,978 backers in New Hampshire, and 146,090 South Carolina supporters, all major early contests for the GOP presidential nomination, as well as thousands of supporters in other states.

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