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Clinton Cash' author Peter Schweizer talks about the damage George Stephanopoulos has done to ABC


The acceptance of liberal bias and conflicts of interest by the Brian Williams press is quickly destroying any credibility the only profession mentioned in the U.S. Constitution has left. The latest example of a sanctioned double standard comes courtesy of ABC News and their politico-turned-news anchor, George Stephanopoulos.

As someone who once sat in the anchor chair and was once a news reporter, I can testify that real journalists spend their entire career perfecting their craft. I've known some who won't vote, for fear they'll cloud their objectivity. Still others have spouses with no clue on how they vote at the ballot box. They guard their impartiality with a fervor and passion that seems to have been lost by the executives over at ABC News. Fox News' Geraldo Rivera marveled how he lost his ABC job over an undisclosed donation of $200 to a non-partisan mayoral race. He wondered, on Twitter, how Stephanopoulos' $75,000 donation was OK with ABC execs.

I don't have a window into the thinking at ABC News, but it seems their priority is the maintenance of left-wing political operative's positions and high salaries, rather than preserving journalistic integrity.

That leads us to Peter Schweizer. Stephanopoulos aggressively grilled Schweizer over his new book "Clinton Cash" and the dots that were connected therein. Stephanopoulos asserted that it was up Schweizer to provide the "smoking gun" rather than show a pattern that would prompt investigation from government authorities.  I don't remember Stephanopoulos chiding journalists over their reporting, with no smoking gun, of Republican Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell; that reporting led to conviction and prison sentence for corruption. Why the different standard for the Clintons, George? Could it be that Mr. Stephanopoulos is still biased toward the Clintons?  With countless charities to choose from, the $75,000 donation to the Clinton Foundation seems to answer that question. The problem is, ABC and George didn't feel the need to disclose that to their viewers or to Schweizer. Oddly, a month ago Stephanopoulos appeared on the "The Daily Show," telling Jon Stewart that those who give to the Clinton Foundation expect something in return. The question that George and ABC News don't seem interested in answering is, what did they get in return?

Click and cue to 58:20 to hear The Chris Salcedo Show"'s interview with Peter Schweizer:

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