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Ex-NYPD Detective Takes on Two Far-Left Commentators During Fiery CNN Segment on White vs. Black Violence


"When black and brown people commit crimes, we note their race. And when white people do, we don't note their race."


Former NYPD detective Harry Houck found himself outnumbered on CNN Tuesday as he argued that comparisons between the deadly shooting in Waco and riots in Baltimore are entirely unfair.

Both New York Times columnist Charles Blow and CNN commentator Sally Kohn argued that society and the media have treated the biker gangs responsible for the recent violence in Waco differently than black rioters in Baltimore.


“When black and brown people commit crimes, we note their race. And when white people do, we don’t note their race. The majority of mass shootings are caused by white men, but we don’t say we have this epic problem of whiteness,” Kohn said.

Houck said it’s dishonest to compare Waco and Baltimore and was happy to label the members of the biker gangs “thugs.”

But the debate became heated when Blow seemingly suggested that the epidemic of fatherless homes in the black community is not as big of an issue as critics assert.

“If you look at the history of rioting and racial violence in this country, it was happening, a lot of it, when two parents in the household was the norm,” he said. “These people were going home to wife and kids after terrorizing people in the streets…A lot of times, in the case of lynchings, they were bringing the wife and kids to see what they had done.”

Houck interrupted, “So now we’re going back to the 40s and the 30s and the 20s and way before that. This is now. It’s 2015.”

CNN’s Brooke Baldwin eventually had to mediate the dispute in order to get the discussion back on track.

Watch the heated segment below:

(H/T: Mediaite)


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