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Viral 'Charlie Charlie' Social Media Challenge Has Kids Trying to Summon Demon With Ancient Ritual


"Charlie, Charlie are you here?"

It's dubbed the "Charlie Charlie Challenge" — and it has individuals everywhere attempting to summon a Mexican demon named Charlie through the performance of a paranormal ritual.

Individuals are instructed to form a cross with two pencils on a piece of paper. Inside the four boxes created by the pencils, one is supposed to write either "yes" or "no" and then ask if "Charlie" is present. If the pencil moves toward a box with "yes" that supposedly indicates the demon's spirit is in the room.

The challenge captivated the Internet on Monday, with thousands of individuals weighing in on the challenge using Twitter and Facebook.

Many tweeted video showing them attempt to summon the demon.

A video posted by @charliechallenge.official on

A video posted by @charliechallenge.official on

Others, however, tweeted out video mocking it.

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