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Evangelist Believes He's About to Do Something That Will Change Minds About Whether People Are Born Gay


"There is no hate in this movie. Not an ounce."

Evangelist Ray Comfort is gearing up for the release of "Audacity" -- a film about the Bible and homosexuality that could become his most controversial project to date.

Comfort first revealed plans for the movie last September, admitting at the time in an interview that he has, to date, intentionally avoided tackling homosexuality through film, instead focusing on subjects like abortion, evolution and Noah’s ark.

But "Audacity" changes all that, with Comfort telling TheBlaze on Monday that the new scripted film, which will be released online starting on Wednesday, presents the biblical view of homosexuality -- and that it does so with love.

"Someone cynically wrote to me recently and said that there is no way any Christian can believe the Bible and not be hateful," he said. "Well, I can't wait for him to see that movie. It's going to stop his skeptical mouth."

Comfort added, "There is no hate in this movie. Not an ounce."

Watch the trailer for "Audacity" below:

The evangelist believes that the film adequately and interestingly presents the Bible's view of homosexuality -- one that he said that the holy book is crystal clear on.

"The Bible is very clear that adultery is wrong, fornication is wrong, and lying and stealing are wrong," he said. "The Scriptures put homosexuality in that category with those sins."

When he was first approached to produce the film, Comfort said that he was skeptical, citing the challenges surrounding the production of a movie about conservative theological views on homosexuality.

He said he wasn't convinced that it would be possible to make a movie that broke free from stereotypical depictions of so-called ex-gays who had left homosexuality behind; he also admitted that he "wasn't excited about being vilified."

But in the end, Comfort agreed to make the film, saying that he believes his team created something worth watching.

"We went through Hollywood. We chose actors by merit rather than their Christian worldview, because we didn't want two seconds of bad acting. That would sink the ship," Comfort said. "We pulled together a script that was extremely compelling, and one that had unexpected twists and turns."

He said that the film is "nothing like you would expect from a Christian movie about the subject of homosexuality." Comfort believes that "Audacity" will provide another perspective -- even to those who are favorable of same-sex nuptials.

"There is a delightful portion in the movie where you watch pro-gay people change their minds on camera about the issue of whether or not homosexuals are born that way," Comfort said. "This is simply because they were given another perspective. So, I think that there’s going to be a lot of mind-changing going on after people have watched."

That said, controversy is most certainly going to abound, particularly over the opening sequence, which Comfort said shows that Christians leaders who "give homosexuality a pass into the church" aren't truly showing love and are, in the filmmaker's own words, "betrayers."

Photo Credit: Ray Comfort/Twitter Evangelist Ray Comfort (Photo credit: Ray Comfort/Twitter)

In the end, he's hoping that "Audacity" will better prepare Christians to tackle homosexuality in an era that he believes has become increasingly more favorable toward same-sex relationships.

It's impossible to ignore the fact that the film will release at the same time that the nation anxiously awaits a U.S. Supreme Court decision that could legalize gay marriage across the country -- a fact that Comfort is fully aware of.

While he feels that the movie is being released with "divine timing and provision," he has little doubt that the high court will legalize same-sex nuptials.

"Gay marriage has nothing to do with the God-given institution of the marriage of a man and a woman. It's merely a legal union between one man and another man, or one woman and another woman," Comfort said. "Still, I think that the Supreme Court will side with gay marriage, and that’s just one more step towards the deep pit of moral decadence. It will bring more confusion as to what’s right and wrong."

Find out more about "Audacity" here.

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