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What Has a Beak, Fur and Washes Up on the Beach in Russia? Apparently, It's 'Some Kind of Dolphin


“It’s unusual."

Image source: Twitter

A strange-looking creature that washed up on a beach in Russia has scientists absolutely baffled.

The mystery animal, ripped apart with bones protruding, is estimated to be twice the size of a human being, has a bird-like beak and has fur, the Siberian Times reported. It was discovered off the coast of Sakhalin Island, situated off Russia's east coast.

While scientists have not concluded exactly what the species is, one of them has an idea.

Nikolay Kim, deputy head of the Forecasting Department at the Sakhalin Research Institute of Fisheries and Oceanography, says the creature is "some kind of a dolphin" that originated in warmer water, but then washed to the Russian shore by a warm current.

"According to a characteristic of the skin, it is a rare species. I doubt that it lived in our waters," Kim said. "We often get tropical and subtropical species here and when they cool down they stay here and then die."

Kim said he's "confident" that the species is a kind of dolphin but acknowledged the obvious: dolphins don't have fur.

“It’s unusual," Kim said.

However, one commenter on Russian social media suggested that the fur is actually "decomposing muscle fibers."

Another joked, “Probably, our summer is so cold that even the Indian Dolphins getting into local waters are covered with fur.”

(H/T: Siberian Times)

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