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Evangelist Pat Robertson: Islamic State 'Crazies' Beheading People Might Be the 'Best Thing That Ever Happened to the World


"Islam does not mean peace. It means submission."

Pat Robertson (YouTube)

Christian TV host Pat Robertson said this week that the Islamic State's brutal beheadings might be the "best thing that ever happened to the world," saying that these events are essentially eye-opening.

"You wonder, maybe the best thing that ever happened to the world is for these crazies in ISIS to keep on beheading people and doing some of these extreme things," Robertson said.

He proceeded to offer "700 Club" viewers a book free-of-charge titled, "Islam: Religion of Peace or War?" explaining that it quotes directly from the Koran to provide context on the issue.

A description of the book on the CBN website is as follows: "It’s important to know the truth about Islam and be able to speak confidently regarding the issues of our day. Find out what Arabic scholars reveal in their research through the authentic texts of Islam."

"Listen, you've heard all this business about Islam being the religion of peace," Robertson said. "Islam does not mean peace. It means submission."

Watch his comments below:

(H/T: Christian Post)

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