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Watching This Video, Can You Tell How Woman's Wallet Was Stolen?


"Neither the woman nor the people she was eating with noticed it."

Image via WFAA-TV/Facebook

Police in Plano, Texas are looking for a man who stole a woman's wallet while she sitting down to eat at a restaurant. He was so surreptitious in how he carried out the theft, neither the woman nor the people she was eating with noticed it.

Watching the video below, would you have known what the man was doing?

Do you know these people? The Plano Texas Police Department says this video shows a man hiding his arm in his jacket as he steals a woman's wallet from the purse on the back of her chair at the Blue Goose Cantina on West Park Boulevard. If you have any info, you're asked to call Plano police at 972-941-5555.

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WFAA-TV on Thursday, 16 July 2015

First the man moved the chairs as though he was expecting other people, or was just trying to get more comfortable. In reality, he seemingly positioned his own chair so the purse of the woman sitting behind him was exactly where he wanted it.

Then the man seemingly fumbled with his jacket, using the article of clothing to conceal how he was rummaging through the woman's purse. The theft was both surreptitious and, once you know what he is doing, appallingly brazen.

Police are urging anyone with information to call 972-941-5555.


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