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Martin Luther King Jr.'s Niece Reveals How Her Uncle's Message About 'Rejecting Racism' Can Be Applied to 'Gruesome' Planned Parenthood Videos


"Whether your skin is black, yellow, black or white, we’re all precious in God’s sight."

Pro-life advocate Alveda King, the niece of civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr., believes there’s an important parallel between a statement her uncle once made about racism and the current battle over abortion and Planned Parenthood.

“I remember the words of my uncle Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. … saying America will not reject racism until America sees racism,” King told TheBlaze during an interview at Glenn Beck's Restoring Unity. “And so now Father Frank Pavone at [pro-life group] Priests for Life … says Americans will not reject abortion until America sees abortion.”

Calling the undercover Planned Parenthood videos purporting to show the sale of aborted fetal body parts “stunning” and “gruesome,” she said that they offer a lens into what abortion truly encompasses.

“I believe America needs to know what happens,” she said.

Listen to King discuss these issues below:

King said she is joining Beck in Birmingham, Alabama, this weekend to push for unity, telling TheBlaze that “all lives matter.”

“Whether your skin is black, yellow, black or white, we’re all precious in God’s sight,” she said. “Human beings matter because God’s love matters.”

Addressing of the unspeakable tragedies in South Carolina and Virginia, she said that, amid the horror, were “people who were crying out to God for unity.”

“I believe it’s just so necessary to step that game up — a time of transformational prayer,” she said. “A time for transformational unity. Coming together, saying we’re not going to be angry and kill each other; we are going to love each other.”

Find out more about “Restoring Unity” here.

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