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Dramatic Video of Beverly Hills Street Race Sparks State Dept. Inquiry About Drivers' Diplomatic Immunity


"This is gravely concerning to us and we have stepped up patrols in the neighborhood."

Image source: CBS Los Angeles

Residents in Beverly Hills, Calif., are on edge following a high-speed street race between a Ferrari and a Porsche captured on video last Saturday night.

Image source: CBS Los Angeles

The video clearly shows both vehicles driving recklessly, driving at high speeds and running stops signs. But in a phone interview with TheBlaze, Beverly Hills Police Sgt. Todd Withers said, "No vehicle code infractions have been issued because no officer witnessed the event."

Withers added, "This is gravely concerning to us, and we have stepped up patrols in the neighborhood."

Image source: CBS Los Angeles

When asked about the report that one or both of the drivers claimed to have "diplomatic immunity" and also threatened a man who approached them, Withers said that the U.S. State Department had been contacted by the Beverly Hills Police and would be issuing a statement.

The State Department has since issued a press release on the situation, which includes:

"As officers were conducting their investigation, they were approached by an individual who indicated that the vehicles belonged to him and denied driving at a high rate of speed, running stop signs or driving recklessly. That individual claimed to have diplomatic immunity. The Beverly Hills Police Department has been in contact with the United States Department of State in regards to the diplomatic status of the individuals involved and the legality of those vehicles being operated on a roadway in the State of California. The BHPD has zero tolerance for this type of driving which recklessly endangers the public at large."

Watch the local report on the street-racing incident.



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