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Anti-Gun Professors Petition to Keep Texas Classrooms 'Safe' From Guns After Governor Signs Pro-Campus Carry Law


"The classroom is a very special place, and it needs to be a safe place, and that means safe from guns."

In August, UT professors protested legislation that would allow guns on campus. (Image via Twitter @MatthewAdams60)

More than 160 University of Texas professors have signed a petition declaring that they will not allow concealed carry permit holders to carry handguns in their classrooms, despite a recently passed law that allows permit holders to do so.

The professors have added their names to a Google document list to showcase their opposition to the legislation that was signed by Gov. Greg Abbott (R) in June. The law is expected to take effect August 2016, although a representative for the university system told TheBlaze Wednesday morning that the schools are still working out specific details of how the policy will be implemented.

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