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Video: Israel's Iron Dome Shoots Down Rocket From Gaza


"The IDF will not tolerate terrorists opening fire onto Israeli territory."

A rocket launched from Gaza lights the night sky over the Israeli city of Ashkelon. (Image source: amateur video via Twitter)

Israel's Iron Dome anti-missile system knocked at least one rocket launched from Gaza off its trajectory into southern Israel, the Israeli military said late Tuesday night.

The rocket was launched despite last year's cease-fire between Hamas and Israel following the 50-day armed conflict that saw Hamas militants launch nearly 4,000 explosive trajectories into Israel and heavy retaliation by the Jewish state.

Residents of the southern Israeli city of Ashdod captured video of the rocket interception as air raid sirens wailed alerting people to seek shelter:

In response to the rocket attack, Israeli air force jets struck four Hamas military sites hours later on Wednesday morning, the Israel Defense Forces said in a statement.

"The IDF will not tolerate terrorists opening fire onto Israeli territory and will continue to act severely against any attempt to disturb the peace of communities in the South," the IDF said.

A radical Salafist group called Shiek Amar Hadid claimed responsibility for the attack, the Times of Israel reported.

The group posted on social media that the rocket launch was retaliation for the fatal shooting of a Palestinian woman in Hebron last week.

There are conflicting reports about that incident: The IDF said the woman, 18-year-old Hadeel al-Hashlamon, had tried to stab a soldier and later released a photo of a knife. Palestinians disputed that version of events.

No injuries were reported in Tuesday night’s rocket attack, which came during the weeklong Jewish holiday of Sukkot, when many Israelis travel around the country.

There have been at least 13 rocket attacks on Israeli communities from Gaza terrorist groups since the August 2014 cease-fire, according to the Israeli government.

Many of those attacks are reported to have been launched by radical Islamist rival organizations to Hamas, but since Hamas controls Gaza and is in position to reign in other terrorist groups, Israel holds the Hamas leadership responsible for all rocket attacks launched from Gaza.

Because Ashdod is relatively far from Gaza, the Times of Israel noted that the perpetrators likely fired a rocket with a longer range than the type usually used by smaller Salafist groups.

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