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Glenn Beck Offers These Eight Words When Asked About Donald Trump Calling Him a ‘Real Nut Job’


In a pair of tweets, Trump called Beck "wacky" and a "real nut job."

Glenn Beck speaks during the Dish Network War Of The Words at Hammerstein Ballroom on September 13, 2012 in New York City. (Photo by Kris Connor/Getty Images for Dish Network)

Glenn Beck opted not to respond to Donald Trump's Twitter assault on him Thursday, only offering up eight words when asked about the incident: "It is beneath me to respond to this."

Trump had seemingly lashed out at the radio talk show host for telling The New York Times that the billionaire is a mere "schoolyard bully" who "does not reflect any of the values and principles that I see from Americans on both sides."

In a pair of tweets, Trump called Beck "wacky" and a "real nut job."

The billionaire also asserted that Beck, one of the most listened to radio hosts in the country, has "become irrelevant."

Beck has been one of the leading conservative voices to go after Trump. In August, he publicly asked Fox News host Sean Hannity, radio host Rush Limbaugh and conservative author Ann Coulter how they could support the real estate tycoon's candidacy for president.

Beck had previously been open to hearing Trump's perspective by inviting him on his program, but said recently booking him had become too much of a hassle.

"I'm telling you, dealing with Donald Trump is like dealing with a third grader," he said. "And I'm not dealing with a third grader anymore because the world is on fire. You want to come on the show, great. You don't want to come on the show, great. I don’t really care. … Enough of the third grade politics. Grow up, Donald Trump. Grow up.

Trump also targeted RedState's Erick Erickson for going after him in the Times story.

Erickson responded to him moments later.

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