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When You See Green Room Assigned to Rand Paul for Debate, You Might Understand Why Campaign Is Upset


Look at Trump's green room, then look at Paul's.

The Rand Paul campaign was up in arms Tuesday night after aides got their first glance at the green room the Kentucky senator was assigned to ahead of the CNBC debate.

Chris LaCivita, a senior adviser and strategist for Paul, shared photos of the Republican 2016 hopeful's assigned green room, juxtaposed next to the areas other campaigns were assigned.

Trump's assigned space resembled a presidential suite, while Paul's looked more like a closet with a small bathroom.

Carly Fiorina had a jacuzzi in her space.

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio appeared to have a theater in his.

According to Politico, members of Paul's campaign were not the only ones infuriated with the green room assignments.

“This is ridiculous,” Gov. Chris Christie’s campaign manager Ken McKay reportedly said. “We’re in a restroom.”

The RNC agreed to take action, according to Politico. Later in the night, LaCivita shared a photo which appeared to indicate Paul's team was moved to a room with "great working conditions."

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