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Donald Trump Calls Out CNN During Interview With CNN Host: 'I Won’t Comment on That\


"Oh, come on..."

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump clashed with CNN host Chris Cuomo on Wednesday morning over whether the news network treats him “fairly.”

"Nobody gets ratings like me," Trump began. "If [Marco] Rubio was there, you would have had two people watching."

Cuomo conceded that Trump brings big ratings with him, but expressed frustration that he seems to appear regularly on programs that give him a “pass.”

“I like to go to places where they treat me fairly,” Trump shot back.

Cuomo then asked, “Do you think I treat you fairly?”

“I won’t comment on that,” Trump said. “I like to to go places where I’m treated fairly.”

“Oh, come on,” Cuomo replied.

Eventually, Trump conceded that Cuomo treats him fairly, but claimed CNN as a network does not.

Watch the exchange below:


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