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Former Associate of Black Lives Matter’s Shaun King Exposes All in Fiery Twitter Tirade After Disbandment of Activist Group


“I no longer believe in [King's] integrity as an Executive Director, and I have little faith that #JusticeTogether will continue.”

Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King faced scrutiny from his own volunteers and supporters over the weekend as his activist group, Justice Together, came under fire for its finances.

King has fended off questions regarding his personal fundraising efforts for black activists and family members of those killed during altercations with police as well as the fundraising for Justice Together — an organization that seeks to end police brutality through policy positions. King is seemingly attempting to salvage his organization and its reputation as he announced a "course correction" for the group.

One such former volunteer, Crystal, voiced her frustrations regarding the lack of leadership of the organization on Twitter. Crystal, author of Crystal Clear Perspective blog, said she volunteered as a state director and criticized King for becoming "defensive" and "passive aggressive" when asked about the group's finances.

"My main concern is that many people donated to #JusticeTogether under the guise that we were pursuing justice in a nationwide coalition," she said in one tweet. "I no longer believe in [King's] integrity as an Executive Director, and I have little faith that #JusticeTogether will continue."

DeRay McKesson, a prominent Black Lives Matter activist and Justice Together board member, also addressed the situation on Twitter.

King later addressed the finances of his group in a lengthy Facebook post, during which he also defended himself against allegations that he has profited or stolen money from families of black activists and black people killed by police officers. King said the fundraising efforts done for Justice Together is vastly different from the fundraising efforts done for "police brutality victims," calling the former efforts "damn near embarrassing."

"Listen — it is NO ACCIDENT that I have raised $500,000+ for police brutality victims and far less than $50,000 for Justice Together. All year, I've worked hard to raise funds for people and families who need it," King wrote on his public Facebook page.

"I've done a terrible job managing and communicating with volunteers these past few months. That's actually the complete truth. Outside of my family and my full-time job (I'm all also a full-time grad student) I haven't managed anything that well," King continued. "Every single member of my family has asked me to stop this work altogether. It has put us all at great risk and has made their daily lives more painful and difficult than I ever imagined."

The activist also went on to criticize Darren Wilson, the white police officer who fatally shot an unarmed black teenage during an altercation in 2014, for raising " more money for himself, than I have raised for every single police brutality victim and Justice Together COMBINED."

Tragic and sad to even have to take this conversation here, but sometimes public lies need a public rebuttal.I am the...

Posted by Shaun King on Sunday, November 8, 2015
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