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You Can't Believe It': Glenn Beck Shares 'Stunning' White House Video on Climate Change


"The camera shot is from the back of one of those carbon spewing engines."

Image source: TheBlaze TV

Glenn Beck took issue Wednesday with a White House video of Paul Bodnar, an adviser on President Barack Obama's climate change task force, which was posted the day before COP21, the U.N. conference on climate change in Paris, was scheduled to begin. The radio host added that he "could not believe the audacity" of the administration to release the clip.

In the video, Bodnar sits aboard Air Force One on the tarmac in front of Marine One. Both aircraft are running as he discusses the administration's goals for the climate summit, speaking over the jet noise.

"It's stunning. You see this video, you can't believe it," Beck said. "Because there are shots all the way interspersed all the way of the plane. The last shot is from underneath the wing, behind the jet that is larger than me. The actual engine that is one of those huge 747 engines. The camera shot is from the back of one of those carbon spewing engines."

In the video, Bodnar says, "In Paris, it's very important that we take a step in putting in place a long-term framework that will allow us to ratchet down global emissions in the coming decades."

Responding to the adviser's statements, Beck said the Obama administration needs to "ratchet down their emissions" in a "transparent way."

"Of course, we don't expect the president to fly commercially," radio co-host Pat Gray said. "However, when you're talking about global warming and you're talking about catastrophic and immediate and this is a problem that we're experiencing right now, not 100 years from now, because that's what he's been saying — you get on a private jet the size of a 747 and talk about [climate change] there?" Gray questioned.

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