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13 Ways Journaling Will Make You Happier in 2016


A lot of us kept journals as children. It was exhilarating to have an outlet that allowed us to vent, to express excitement and to protect our secrets behind a lock and key. Unfortunately, the magic of writing is typically lost when responsibilities kick in. We often mean to get back into the habit of journaling but it can be a challenge and who has the time? It’s easier than you think and a little effort can garner big results!

Your written thoughts are a way of preserving who you are when you write them and can provide great insight to your mind and soul. Journaling is not a new concept but it is constantly being reinvented. Few of us carry a pen and a paper around these days but online journaling service, JRNL makes it easy to document your life on the go. As the practice evolves, so do the benefits. If you don’t already keep a journal, start the New Year right and give it a try.

Journaling makes you smarter. Is that true? It sure is. A report from the University of Victoria shows that not only does your IQ benefit from writing and exercising your vocabulary, your Emotional Intelligence is also elevated as you increase your self-awareness.

Journaling is like spring cleaning for your brain. Sometimes we just feel stuck, we feel trapped under the clutter of our thoughts and need to clean up shop. Online journals help get your thoughts out of your head and onto the screen, making it easier to understand and sort through them methodically.

Journaling encourages a deeper understanding of yourself. Expressive writing is proven to provide clarity. Reflecting upon your entries is an effective way to gain further insight into your subconscious.

Journaling helps to identify the vitamins and the toxins in your life. Once you start documenting your experiences, thoughts and emotions it becomes very clear what keeps you happy and healthy and what situations are toxic. Use this information to create a life that you’re proud to live.

Journaling keeps you accountable. By committing your goals to writing you can refer to them as reminders and inspiration to keep our success within reach. This is great for personal, professional and fitness goals. Try to update your journal daily to make sure you’re getting the most of it as an accountability tool.

Journaling helps keep track of your accomplishments. Seldom do we get a pat on the back or recognition for a job well done. Documenting your victories, however big or small, reminds you how far you’ve come and the progress that you’ve made. Don’t neglect the small wins, a little progress every day can lead to big change.

Journaling helps to avoid making the same mistake twice. Be recounting your documented thoughts, emotions, actions and reactions, you have the ability to see a situation objectively and make informed choices.

Journaling is a release valve. Getting your anger and frustration out allows you to let go and release the grip those emotions have on you. Leave the negativity behind!

Journaling helps you heal. Your journal reveals an honest, trusting and non-judgemental side of you that may be difficult to consciously tap into. A study proved that expressive writing is therapeutic and can help physical and mental conditions. Expressing yourself through journaling strengthens your sense of self, it soothes troubled memories and brings peace in the release of those thoughts.

Journaling makes you happy. Recounting positive experiences is a sure way to put a little pep in your step. One of the happiest types of journals is the Gratitude Journal. Gratitude is directly linked to happiness. Simply record what you are grateful for every day. It can be one word or a detailed entry. Consciously keeping track of what you are thankful for will rewire the way you think and the way you look at the world. You will attract positivity and put more of it out into the world.

Journaling improves your communication. Expressing yourself in written form encourages actual vocalization. Reflecting on your entries and having a better understanding of yourself will further support your ability to effectively communicate. Even if your journal will forever remain a private outlet of expression, try writing for different audiences. Strengthening different forms of communication can be beneficial in social scenarios.

Journaling is good for the whole family. Everyone can and should have a journal. Encourage your children to get creative with a journal of their own. Use your online journal to document your family history, milestones and traditions as an invaluable record for future generations and enjoy journaling as a family activity.

Journaling gets you one step closer to writing your autobiography! Let’s be honest, our lives would make an interesting book but the process of getting started is daunting. Journaling your experiences online helps keep your entries organized and makes the autobiography process easy. Seeing your story come to life has never been easier with JRNL’s fully customizable publishing feature, which allows you to print up to 900 pages of entries in a beautiful hardbound book.

Your thoughts, experiences and memories contain a wealth of knowledge that should not go undocumented. Start the New Year with a tool that will enable you to stick to your resolutions and live a happier life. Sign up for free today. Happy journaling!

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