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Rubio Says Cruz's Campaign is Built on a Lie


"He's really very calculated."

Image source: CNN

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio had some harsh words for fellow GOP presidential contender Ted Cruz Sunday as he accused Cruz's campaign of being built on a lie.

"So Ted's lie that his whole campaign is built on is that he's the only conservative, and everyone else is a sellout and a RINO, and it's absurd," Rubio said while discussing immigration.

In an interview that aired on CNN's "State of the Union" Sunday, Rubio pointed out that Cruz helped former President George W. Bush compose his immigration policy as well as discuss the need for a compromise with people who are in the country illegally during national media interviews.

"This whole notion Ted has that he's the only conservative, I think as people learn more about his record, they'll realize that he's really very calculated," Rubio said. "He's always looking to take whatever position it takes to win votes or raise money. We're not going to beat Hillary Clinton with someone who will say or do anything to get elected."

"It's just not an accurate statement. I've tried to fix a problem that's a very serious issue in Texas and in Florida. It's a hard issue," Rubio continued. "And clearly we're not going to be able to do it comprehensively, and we're not going to be able to do it until we first enforce our immigration laws."

Rubio asserted that he does not support amnesty for people who are in the country illegally and would not as president.

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